AVENDO is a company that is HansaWorld partner and passionate about the enterprise management automation. Our head office is located in Riga (Latvia), but the customers are spread across the Baltic states, in year 2016 we are extend our activities in other EU countries. AVENDO well educated and highly experienced specialists are customising and implementing the business management IT systems and delivering the customer support services that power exceptional operation of the companies in different industries:

             ∗  equipment installations and service;

             ∗  constructing;

             ∗  refuelling;

             ∗  manufacturing;

             ∗  retail and wholesale;

             ∗  transportation and logistics;

             ∗  financial services;

             ∗  creative industries;

             ∗  public authorities, and other.

Our customers are middle and large companies, local branches of multinational groups.

Our team consists of educated and well-trained professionals with more than 16 years of experience in developing, implementing, and supporting HansaWorld ERP systems' solutions.


HansaWorld ERP Systems Maintenance and Support

Our project implementation and consulting department provides a wide range of services:

             ∗  IT system optimization;

             ∗  System development and adaptation of specific requirements of different business sectors;

             ∗  Survey and performance evaluation of the existing IT and financial accounting system at the company;

             ∗  Architecture design of a suitable computer system and implementation of IT system;

             ∗  Project management of HansaWorld Enterprise (HWE) introduction;

             ∗  Audit and assessment of existing HWE system;

             ∗  HW system support;

             ∗  Remote maintenance service of HansaWorld Enterprise (HWE) system.


AVENDO has developed the following software solutions based on HansaWorld ERP Systems:

             ∗  Contracts controlling system

             ∗  Gasoline refuelling

             ∗  Rent of machinery and equipment

             ∗  Equipment service planning and managing connected to payroll

             ∗  Project control system: monitoring the project budget and work plan performance, tracking materials

             ∗  For the project needs: the production process management system and the resource planning system

             ∗  Personnel and Payroll System for Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

             ∗  Document management system

             ∗  POS offline, system for sales promotion campaigns and customer loyalty

             ∗  Mobile printing of the article labels

             ∗  Service booking system

             ∗  Road transport vehicles, machinery and equipment operation management system

             ∗  Management system for logistics companies and customs warehouses.


Tools For Customers Consulting and Problems Fixing Managing

In order to provide efficient services, we offer our customers to apply a convenient system Redmine for inquiry and task registration and control there is a link to Redmine on the company website http://avendo.lv/en/klientiem-3


Standard ERP by HansaWorld

Standard ERP is a unified business management platform developed by Hansaworld, it consists of more than 45 functional modules.

Standard ERP enterprise resource management system is based on the habitual functions of financial accounting, customer order processing, warehouse management, manufacturing and project accounting, which are supplemented by a range of customer relation management tools, email, document control, time and task planning, and other functional modules.

Standard ERP resource management system will connect your remote warehouses, shops and international offices without any terminal emulation, or other complex and expensive solutions. If you need a real-time reports from a number of shops, offices and companies, Standard ERP is a right solution, which runs on the mobile devices such as various tablet PCs and smartphones: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and the devices of Android operating system.

Unified business platform provides great capability of analysis that is taking not much time because all data is in one place. This allows you to analyse a turnover and profitability of your business at any dimension. Having so much data available, it is logical to display that graphically. HansaWorld provides the Business Analysis real-time business intelligence tool that does not require any long beforehand data preparation – the data for graphic statements comes directly from Standard ERP database.

Standard ERP business platform provides a possibility for a client, who has ordered some goods from the internet shop, to receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail or a message on his mobile phone, but a storekeeper will be notified about the goods having to leave a warehouse.

In twenty years of work experience with more than 74 000 customers in 110 countries around the world, HansaWorld has managed to combine the world's best business practices in an optimal system of functional modules to enable new customers to apply them after minimal investments in adjustment and maintenance. However, if someone wants a tailor-made specific business solution, we will gladly make such programming based on the most efficient means of software industry.

Modern companies need to transfer their data to the external data processing service providers. How to do it quickly and accurately?

HansaWorld offers a unique connection of such customers with the external data processing service suppliers directly from the ERP Standard, and in most of cases, without any need to install a separate software. HansaWorld keeps these services on its own servers and enables the customer to use them as needed, paying only for the amount of external services.



Office address: Lubānas Street 125a - 19, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia,

Phone: +371 6722 3976

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.